Thursday, February 24, 2011

After J-Pop, Me in K-Pop World

Hola Hola~!!

If you read my previous post, i wrote and explained how i have involved with J-Pop. Now, for this post i am going to write some of K-Pop stuffs. To those who are still blur and wonder what is K-Pop, it is same like J-Pop, Nowadays K-Pop has been played in the radio and also in television especially Astro. Well, not bad, at least i gt some of channels that i can watch when I am bored playing with laptop n nothing to do.

Since when i involved with K-Pop stuffs? Same like previous post? Since small? I bet u assume like that but not really. I started in 2006. Thx to my rum8 in UTP, Aleap Omar (that time he was my rum8 yet), he has introduced to me a Korean song which was OST full house and Rain is the one who sing the song. To those who are crazy bout Korea stuffs too, u guys must know the song very well. It quite popular because of the drama itself. Some more, the song dy translate to malay song, same melody. If any1 does not know bout it, just search Full Hose drama in the internet, surely many result cm out :D

~ popular drama but i din watch it, jz listen its OST, recommended if u wana watch it ~

But still not heavy like Japan stuffs yet, just listen to the 1 to 10 musics only (got from my rum8) till Big Bang cm out. Their songs rili attracted me. After that, i started to download Korean music by myself. One thing about K-Pop i like, some of them really good in dancing. According to my rum8, b4 they bcum artist, they have to undergo training for their vocal and also dance for a few years. Then can bcum artist dy and release mini album as a starter to enter entertainment world.

they have returned with their 4th mini album last night ~Big Bang~

Of coz, beside Big Bang, I also listen to other group too such as 2PM, SS501, Wonder Girl (popular in US and also in Malaysia), SNSD and so on. As long their song are nice to me when i listen, then i will keep it. :D

~ 2ne1 ~

if u wana hear R n B songs, then better listen to their songs :D

G.NA will be my faveret list for d future? let c bout it

After music, then i started to watch drama. Sometimes i need to change from fantasy to reality (d drama not rili give reality, but half of it). If watch too many anime, sometimes can gimme headache. Another thing u can learn few romantic word from drama that can be used for someone special. Dun believe? Then try watch it. Surely u can improve love skill for those noob in love. Haha~!

 ~ my 1st drama, fantasy couple ~

~ my fair lady, i love opening song - "hot stuff by davichi" ~

popular drama among girls (think so) ~ you are beautiful ~

Rain is the main character for this drama

Gt people say, if Japan is good in making anime, then Korea is good in making drama. Somehow, i agree with their statement. What bout Korean movie? Of cz i watch too but not so many. Even drama also hard for me to finish 1 drama coz 1 episode takes an hour. Different from anime, only take around 25 minute to finish 1 episode. Sometimes very tired watching any drama or movie. There a lot of drama in my HD now, but i lazy to watch. Need a mood when watch it if not, hard to understand d story.

Let me give some of Korean link as thank for reading this post~ :D   (Korean drama)  (Korean music)

Myb u r wonder why i din give u a link to download Korean drama. Coz i din know and all drama i have now, i took it from my rum8. Hehe~! Anyway, that's all for this post. Bai2 ~!! :D

Girls' Generations or SNSD

~ 2PM ~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Me & Japan Entertainment

Hola Hola~!!

It has been 2 weeks since i updated my blog. Well, wat to do, i am lazy to update my blog. If possible, i hope i can update blog, jz think in my mind only without writing it here. So, scientists out there, please create an device or something that can do task like that. It easy for me and oso for every1, oh yeah~!! Surely i buy that device. Jz sell it cheap lor. If too expensive, i will think 10 times before buy it. 

I bet u all know that popularity japan entertainment is increasing nowadays. Well, i can saw many anime have been aired in the television now. Sometimes i watched it but since i used to watch n listen anime in japanese language, so i feel bit awkward when watching anime in malay language.  J-POP is a short form for japan entertainment.

Since when i have involved with J-POP? Wat i remember, i started to read 1 comic (that time i din it called as manga) which make me attracted to manga and also anime. I bet u know what manga is. Why why n Why? because the manga still very popular among children and also among adults. Even i oso a big fan till now. Hoho~!! Shall i say it is known as legendary manga? :D

very nostalgic when i read bk again this manga

~ Dragon Quest ~ (Misteri Naga in for malay)

Because of this manga, i continued to buy other manga such as misteri naga, ranma n so on. (of cz i would not list manga that i hav read here coz too many). Oh for latest manga like naruto, one piece, reborn, and so on, i jz read it the interent, save cost hehe~!. 

~ black cat ~ i love the cover design

After manga, then i started to watch anime in television and then bought anime video tape (tat time still no cd or dvd :D). For this moment, i was crazy bout anime n still not yet listen j-music. Well no internet connection at home that time, so could not make any research. 

faveret anime when i still small ~cybercops~

anime that i have watched few times dy including 1st season ~gundam seed destiny~

i oso watch comedy anime like this ~ Working!! ~

I duno how many anime i have watched dy so far. More than 50? or more than 100? Haha. Till nw i still keep watching it coz sometimes it can release my tension. With the internet power, i can download n watch d anime. I cannot put all pic animes that i have watched here so i choose randomly for this post.


Infinite Stratos  ~currently watching this~

At form 4, i started to research about J-Pop n then officially become a big fan of J-Pop till now. With the power of internet, i can get japanese music with easy. It is not like i duwan to buy at the store but that time, hard to get japanese music in the store. It was not famous as now. My laptop now full with japanese song oh yeah. Of coz i have other song such as malay, english, chinese n korea. But it still not many like japanese song. First song that attracted me to love j-music was "Reason" by Tamaki Nami. :D. 1st ending song for Gundam Seed Destiny and it was quite popular that time.

~ still love her till nw ~

Previously, tamaki nami was my num1 in my heart. But now, tamaki nami dy go down to num2 which change to Nana Mizuki. Why suddenly change? Because of the 1st song that i listened which was "Shin Ai". The melody in the music and also her voice rili attracted me. It made me to listen the song for many times and it keeps continue till now. Other songs i luv beside that are "Trinity Cross" and also "Crystal Letter". Even now i still love her and wish i can meet her in the future~!! :D

my faveret j-pop ~ nana mizuki ~ love the way she smiles

Other than Tamaki Namki n Nana Mizuki, i oso luv others too~ some of them i luv coz their song has been used for anime song.

~ AZU ~


~ TM Revolution ~ (TM net? okie it jz lame joke)

~ ikimonogakari ~ love their melody songs

Must be wonder y i dun talk bout j-drama here at all. Coz im preferred k-drama (korean) than j-drama. But so far i have not watch any j-drama yet. The problem is drama size for 1 episode very big. Hard for the 512 kb internet user like me to download. Dun talk bout downloading, even streaming also hard for me unless in the early morning, little bit fastest. :D 

For those readers that have same interest like me, i would like to share link for u. Well since we are have same interest, we share it. Sharing is caring right :D

Anime (any latest anime will be here and its high quality) (for those who want low quality, can dunload here) (another source, high quality n low quality)

J-Music (j-music and oso anime ost here)

Manga  (one piece, naruto, bleach , reborn..update every week)

Actly gt more, but i give all these links often update, i shall say everyday or if not, every week update. Lets say if u want more link, jz contact me. Surely i give to u ~  ^_^ . Never thought i am one of fan japan right. Because of this, i can understand japanese little bit when listen to anime without read subtitles. Hoho~!!. Even for games, i preferred to play video games from japan compare to western video games :D.

Well, that's all for this post. Bai2~!!

Here come Vongola Family ~ Hitman Reborn ~