Sunday, December 26, 2010

Year of 2010 is almost up~!! Hola 2011~!!

Hola Hola ~!!!

Time goes by really fast, we almost reach end of the year and i still in UTP for SAP training. But nvm, it almost over and im looking for going bk to my hometown. If i at home, everything is free no nid to worry bout money at all, hohoho. Cut the crap, since i dun have anything to do, tats y im creating this post. As you know, today is Merry Christmas and hope snow is coming here. But too bad, there is no snow here coz it is melt by hot weather n bcum a water. Just njoy cold weather at my campus for every nite.

OMG~!! i crap many things again..okie it is time to be crius. Actly, i want to share some of christmas decoration pics that i have found in 1 Borneo shopping mall last few days ago in the internet. Since i cannot celebrate it (u know the reason rite?), so i jz take look and found it very nice (actly i gt nothing to do for 3 days holiday). Its time to njoy some of pics....

Want to njoy d event with me there? Pic of 2008

This was pic on 2008 n tat time, 1 Borneo jz opened (smpai2 KK trus og sana oh yea~!!). The decoration was not rili amazing but still it okie la. So i n my sister took d chance to take d pic with christmas tree tat we have found as we moving around in the mall. That time many shops still not opened yet, so there was nothing we can do xcept njoy d new buiding there and some of events there.

This year pics ~~

crystal deer?

oho? santa was there? well it jz a doll okie :D

Santa Claus with his assistant?

is tat a real flower?

So so..wat do u think? Many changes rite?? Even i oso shocked when saw d pics. This year i do not hv chance go there coz im having SAP training now. And last year oso i din go cz i had undergone internship in Subang.  I jz took d pics from fb. Gt people upload there (illegally i took all d pics hohoho). Tats all for this post n hope u njoy by looking d pics.

even Nana Mizuki is promoting some of game thing during christmas

Oh ya..even thought a bit late but give chance to say this......

Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating it :)


Happy New Year to all of u ~!!

can i cut this tree, make it as christmas tree then put it at d shopping mall??

well so u again~!! :D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Want to know about my ex-housemate~?? :D

Got people said that blog will be interesting if talk about ppl near us..therefore i have decided that im going to write bout my ex housemate here during my study in utp :D . All ladies out there, i bet all of u r interested to read this topic and get ready ur paper n pen in case gt their num hp in this post :D..

Lets start~!!!

Are lep or AO

Well well, this is my room mate for almost 4 year till now. First time we met in Petronas building in sabah, when accepting offer from petronas for educamp. First impression was like this " -_-" " n did not talk with him at all till we have reached in Kuching. Thanks to my ex-schoolmate, Awang, because he become a middle man for us and he started the conversation. Then, finally we begun talked each other even though for short time only. Then I realized both of us had similiar personalities, and only us did not sad after the interview finished. We knew that surely we were failed and thought there was no time for sadness. Must enjoy to the max while still in kuching. However, since the luck smiled to us, we were chosen to enter utpand n end up as room mate after foundation. He is one of the guy that loves korea stuff very much especially in korea song and drama. I started to listen Korean song because of his influence. He also got a lot of comic as his collection and his special ability counter attack n good in giving excuse till give a headache to others. Just contact me if u are interested to know him or add him at FB :D

Van Mukthar

I had met this fellow since foundation and the guy who has very2 high confident and high visibility. You will know why I said like that once you meet him if u got chance (just find him at KLCC or Pavilion, surely you find him there.) The founder of spartan and name himself as a king. (I and my frens still wonder since when we chose him as king). It was nice to lepak with him and the reason?? He never asked me to pay anything like car oil, food and etc, hoho. He always come to my room to kacau me n my room mate for mengutuk people, took my snacks and talked about girls, forced me to go to library, lunch with him, went mamak stall at mid night, n so on. But seriously, i consider him as a nice guy because always offered to help me even though i did not ask for the help. So so, if you are interested with him, contact me or find his FB. You can find more bout him there :D


He was Van's room mate, known him since foundation. During foundation, his hair was like Korea artist but now, changed already, spiky hair style. Very expert in stylish his hair and also expert in current trend (according to him la). And he loves to wear weird weird shirt. Same like van, always came to my rum to kacau and mengumpat about others. One of my customer because he took my wax for his own used (did not pay to me sob sob :'( ). He is very active and has potential to become a good speaker (his english is very gud and his group won and got second place in BSN business plan competition). Be careful, he is full with scandals with girls and boys too. Why why?? Find it by yourself.  I cannot write all here :D ~!! Thanks to him, he managed to get whole house for me and my other housemates to live together for 3 years. Congraz to him because he got an offer from E & Y. He is going to start his new life on Feb 2011 ~

One / Wan

This guy is very unique because he has his own style which is 80-an life style :D. Love to listen music from that era. He is same like my room mate which  as rival,  because very good in programming and known as mr nice guy :P (coz very2 good with others). But at the same time, he also got another name which created by my friends, Wan Jen (Jendul) .I think all of you know the reason when see his pic above :P :P. Same like Van, he helped me a lot since we become housemates till now. Really appreciate that (honestly okie). Now he is working at software company in Sunway area. Interested with him? Just contact me...oh oh too bad, he is taken already. (invite me for your wedding~surely I come even I have to use boat to go Peninsular  )


He was One's rum8. If One is very unique, than this guy super duper unique. Why? because he is known as raja lawak and do many weird things. Before this, he was very shy. But too bad, he was changed already since internship last year. Sometimes u cannot predict his action. Other than raja lawak, i consider him as my ustaz. I will find him if there is anything related to religion (well, :P). Another reason is once upon d time, he tried his best to wake me up for the Subuh prayer. But too bad, it was very to hard wake lazy cat up in d morning. After that, not anymore because gave up dy (sorry). He is very hard working because when got assignment, project or test, surely he will be first person start study and do it. Me?? Of course, syndrome last minute. The nice thing bout him, he never marah even though he kena kutuk or so on.

That's all bout my ex-housemate. I can write more bout them but it will be no fun at all. It was fun to lepak with all of them and d best housemates that I ever had. If all of u want to more bout them, just find their fb n start chit chat with them. Surely they will reply. (hope so)

full pic ~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My school and university ....

Here come my second post~!! I got this idea to write the topic when i went jogging yesterday (just want to mention that i jogging). Maybe the topic very lame but who cares. Haha~!! I shall give summary about my schools and also my university..

My primary school logo ~

Hoho. This was my primary school. It is located in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu. I would not explain more further because surely people will bored and starting to click "unlike" button (if got) for my blog. I had great memory during study here where i was attacked by other student's parents during class. Hoho~!! very cool right? Kecil-kecil suda pandai cari pasal dengan orang tua. I could not really remember what I did to their son but what I knew their son who the one cari pasal with me at the first place. It was everyday and it makes me annoyed. Grr~!! so I just kicked his ass till he got a fever. Then he reported to his parents. That is why his parents were attacking me :D.

Pic that i gt from fren...all still innocent lagi

Okay~ next is my secondary school...

La Salle Logo

This school ar..really has changed me a lot, especially in English language. Hohoho. Seriously before I entered this school, my English was very very "awesome" till did not know anything about grammar. Well at least this school gave basic English knowledge (super duper late but still i want to say it...thanks La Salle~!!). Majority of students here were non Muslim (for me no problem at all because I love to mix with any races) and all boys (except form 6, which it helped me to survive because usually normal guy will die if did not see girls for one days right?). And i had ever tried my luck at one of Chinese girls here from form 6 and the ending was....failed. Of course she would ignore me sine I was like kid that time. And still not handsome yet (now like an artist already :D ). Some more different age which was 2 or 3 years if not mistaken. Oh ya this school also same location with my primary school.

My class but i was not in d pic...absent haha

Now ~!! It is time for my university to come to the stage. It is located in Tronoh, Perak.

UTP Logo~

I think some of you are thinking UTP is like...."OMG~!! UTP", " awesome", "mesti ramai student pandai pandai dalam tuh", and so on. But in fact, it is still same like other universities. Just it got foreigner students here (actually UIA also got). Before entered UTP, I got other offer such as UNITEN and UiTM. Definitely I have to refuse UNITEN since could not afford to pay the fees. And that time, I already imagined that I was accounting student in UiTM. But suddenly, another offer pop up and I was lucky enough to get offer from UTP. Some more being offered "Convertible Loan". That is why I choose to enter UTP because of the loan and if lucky enough, the loan will change to scholarship..muahaha :D. And one of benefit I got from study in UTP~~ see my blog. I manged to write a lot of things here in english (Berlagak pulak :P).

My program's building~ business information system

That is all for my school and university. Little bit long right? Haha~ Hope it would not boring like reading a text book :D... wait for my next post~!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

First post

Hola everyone~!!..welcome to my first post....well nothing much that i can say for the first post. Suddenly I just want to start blogging after I have read others' blog (because do not know what to do). I feel like it is very cool if having the blog. I bet i have nothing to do while waiting for the job offer so I started to create my blog. (You also can follow my blog if you wana know my current life =P)

Bear in mind when you are reading my blog. Hoho~!!  Because I am having problem with grammar. You are going to get headache. Muahaha :D . That's all for my first post. Just wait for my next post ya.... (still do know what shall i write for next post)

p/s: i think my frens will laugh at me if they know i have a blog..i can see that they will give many crap comment here especially my rum8, housemate n sabahan friends...