Friday, April 8, 2011

More saving with new Primax 95 extra

Hola Hola ~!

Hey hey ~ Another good news for everyone that visit to my blog. I bet this news will make people happy especially for those who own car :D (including me too) . Check it out if you want to know more information about PETRONAS new product and will be official released on 10th April 2011 ~ :)

~ Lai this logo to get more information about this news ~

What are you waiting for? Take your vehicle key and go to PETRONAS station to try it out~ Why? On that date, there will be limited promotion which you get exclusive merchandises if you participate it. Cewah, seems like I become promoter already. Support our nation oil company.

p/s: do not worry, it is not spam. If so, I would not put it in my blog ~ visitors will run away :'(

Maybank Tips for everyone~

Hola Hola~!

Hoho ~ since my blog is very unique (think so) and special (perasan), then I am going to share a lot of things here :D.

Anyway, I got tips for everyone out there about Maybank. It is useful information those who have Maybank account and also for those do not have Maybank account. Surely you are going to love it. So so So ~ Check it out :). Oh ya, do not worry, this is not spam. If this is spam, surely no visitor come to my blog anymore~ Sob Sob :'(

~ click this awesome Maybank image to go more details about the tips ~

Thank for clicking the link ~ wait for another useful tips~ :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally I found you....Tiramisu~~

Hola Hola~!!

I got a friend that love Tiramisu cake very much, Ms N but I call her as Ms A. She explained to me what kind of Tiramisu was but , I did not even know about the cake at all. Do not say eat the cake, I never see the cake been sell at cake or bake shop. I do not know whether I am too awesome or too blind till do not the existence of the cake. What I know cheese cake or blueberry cake or chocolate cake only. And if you say about KFC or MCD, seriously I can list all type of food they have. Muahahaha~!!

Since she explained to me very "bersungguh-sungguh", so I used Google to search how the Tiramisu cake looks like. But Google shows me many result till I do not know which one is the cake. Grr~

 ~Tiramisu cake ~

~ Tira...suddenly feel hungry when looking this pic ~

~ Tiramisu full cake ~(think so)

And so I memorized how it looks like and started looking for the cake since few months ago. Because she said very delicious and always bought the cake, so I might want to try it as well. Few months?? Hoho~! and finally I found it three days ago :D . Well, I seldom go bake or cake shop and when I was there, everything almost finished including the bake too -_-". That is why I took few months to find it. But it is little bit different from the picture I have.

I guess it is Tiramisu cup cake ~ the color same with the pictures above

For first glance, I thought it was not Tiramisu cake. But the cake color was same. Some more, got name there :P so I bought it. Then today I eat it. Well, I forgot the cake in the freezer. Sorry Tiramisu~

Little bit sweet for me but still okie, shall buy it again next time

I am writing the blog  while eating the cake :D ~  Cannot always eat cake. If not, I will gain more weight and fat in the future ~ haihz...wish there is machine can reduce our weight or fat immediately when use it.... >.<

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pokemon is harassing animal?

Hola Hola~!!

I found from others’ blog (credit to “samime” and I do not even know her hoho). Anyway, cute right? Pikachu is harassing a kitten :D

Pikachu Pikachu~ -_-" so pity the kitten

Click the picture if you want to see how pikachu is harassing the kitten ~