Monday, January 31, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011~!! Rabbit Year~!!

Hola hola~!!!

Yo yo~!! its not so long after my last post (only last 2 nites). This few weeks i have went around in the KK  since i was free and some more i was driver substitute for my family . Anything happens like emergency and bought some stuffs for house, i was the one who did those things. Hoho what u expect from me as graduated student (supposedly as jobless but graduated word more cool than tat )....its not im happy when not working...but njoy while u can till company is calling for d job. Talented fresh graduated here so come and get me ~!! :D

If u dy read my previous post, i have showed some of christmas decoration which i found in the internet (I could not had chance to take pic since i still gt training tat time). Now, now and now, i wana show u chinese new year decoration at the city that i have seen so far. And some more i was d 1 who took d pic oh yeah~!! :D

~ CNY decoration at gaya street ~

~ hard for me to find sum1 here ~

~ and i was invited to CNY event which was held that time ~

~ CNY celebration in 1B ~

~ tadaa~!! lion dance ~

~ tanglung nenas (pineapple tanglung?? ) ~


~ opps...purposely put my pic here ~

Okie jz ignore d last pic there :P . I think nw it become more merrier before i took d pic since CNY almost here. So go there if u want to njoy d CNY clebration. Surely you will not bored coz too many people and traffic jam inside d shopping mall. :D

That's all for this post. Before that, give me a chance to say this ~~~

Happy Chinese New Year to those who clebrate it

Hope all of u have a great new year

p/s:  happy chinese new year too to my chinese relatives :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Advertisement~ advertisement~ click for me ya...


Oh yeah finally...!! my blog has evolved ~!! (even though jz a layout and some new things there)

I duno whether my blog still in gud condition after i put advertisement code into my blog....but at least my blog can display advertisement now. So so...I need ur help to click advertisement for me hehe~!! Rili rili appreciate if you can click it. 

Please help this poor guy to get money. Currently i'm jobless so it is hard for me to buy food like kfc and mcd (mkan benda mahal2 mmg la abis duit) or sneak or buy iphone (did i mention iphone?? hoho~!!).  :) click d advertisement link in my blog whenever visit my blog~!! please and thx ya~!! ^_^

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packing eh for wat?? graduate dy ~

Ta jia hao~!!

I know it sound like i want to act cute....and it is not cool at all. But its ok since now i started to learn slowly the mandarin. So i shall demo little by little bout my improvement to my readers :D (i duno whether gt reader or not)

Tomorrow is starting for new semester in utp. So so, usually i went back to the campus a day before started new semester or 2 days before started new semester. Then, today i woke up early and felt like want to pack my things and ready for the flight at 12 pm (owes took flight at that hour coz packed things at last minute). But too bad, i stopped to do that dy since i had graduated since end of last year. Hohoho~!!! then i posted d caption at facebook jz want to make my friends envy at me (like childish).

last certificate i received as undergraduate student

So so so....all companies out there? What are all of you waiting for...hire this potential employee for ur future company ( ceh ceh, promoting myself )...or shall i say hot stuff employee??

~ my cool resume ~

lai lai hire me okie ~!! ^_^

p/s: good luck to all my friends who will starting their new semester tmr

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Theory of giving food to cats

Ni Hao Ni Hao~!!

It has been 1 week when i reached kk. and finally i gt mood to write a new post :D. oh yea~!! y mz hv a mood when write new post?? because, because n coz, when write a blog, mz mix rite n sincere feeling in writing, then people will njoy reading ur blog. hey hey its true okie n if not blif, then search in the internet (hoho, if u manage to find it). nyway, i want to share sumthing some of theories which i think some of you duno about it.

 Lets take a look at d pic 1st ~

persian cat??

local cat

These are pic of cats in case if you duno what cat is, (just want to show off some of cat pic that i hv) hoho. It is jz a lame joke (i learned it from my ex-housemate). Cat is my faveret animal and always accompany me at home. Sometimes it is very complicated to take care them. Because it is very hard to understand wat cat wants is. I wish that i gt power to understand cat language and can talking with them without any problem. But too bad, it is impossible. I only know when they said "meow" (with pity face) means they want to eat. N "meow meow" means they want to play.

Myb for part want to play no problem, jz throw a small to them, they will play by themselves or use a rope to play with them. But for food part? how how? of cz jz give them a food such as fish, chicken, or rice. But nowadays a cat very choosy la when eating the food. Even you give them a chicken or fish, they do want to eat, they want something else. So so so ~ after have done some researches and got my friends view, there are few theories that i want to share.

cat's food (whiskas)

This is special food for a cat. Based on the research, it helps to make their hairs (i mean bulu kucing) bcum more pretty, long n shining. i guess the producer is very very gud coz successful in creating this kind of food. Where to find it? jz go to supermarket, and find there. They sell many brands of cat's food. Just choose any brand u want. (i think all are same, no different). The cat will give a big smile when u give this food to them. Hoho, but be carefull, make sure ur cat's teeth very strong, mana la taw suddenly their teeths broken when eating this food. If in can, dun think gt problem, since it is not hard, n very lembut. 

u will get this when u give whiskas to them

ur cat will be like d cat in d pic if you give whiskas as daily food

Rice, chicken, fish and etc.

Lets say if the cat very sombong, duwan to eat above food, so u can give the rice with mixed chicken or fish. Jz make sure properly mixed it, if not, cat would not eat the rice, they jz find chicken or fish n leave d rice there. Then u r going to call another animal which is a rat or call insect such as ants. But when cat is very very hungry, they will eat "nasi kicap" (rice plus black sauce) n fried mee.

Fast food

Nowadays, not only ppl love to eat fast food, but cat too ~!! Want to blif or not, jz try it then c ur cat response. Definitely, kfc is preferable for them to eat. Just give n then u will c nothing left. Even the bones oso enter their stomach. Mcd oso they will eat. Wat bout Pizza? i dun think they will eat it.

"im very happy..even cat oso love kfc" but since when kenpachi own d kfc?

Fresh milk

Another food that can be giving to the cat, especially for kitten. If they are lazy to eat to food, they just drink the milk which can make them full too.

wat i mean sumthing like this..fresh milk

not fresh milk directly from beautiful cow :D

Ice cube

I guess all of you wonder rite, why ice cube can be food to cat. This theory was developed by my ex-housemate. He said the cat could ate the ice. Then he tried to give to them but too bad, the cat ignore his good intention. Then he said "today myb they would not ate it but in the future they will". 

how can d cat eat this kind of thing?

Rats & lizard

If their master r very bz n dun hv time to feed them, dun wory coz the cat is very clever. They will find their own food. Rats will be their 1st choice. If u want to imagine how the cat is chasing the rat, jz imagine how tom is chasing jerry in tom & jerry series.

oh yea~!! c tom's smile when he managed to catch d jerry

How bout lizard? Another pity animal (shall i consider as animal? or mamalia). At our house , sure there is unlucky lizard, which fall from bumbung rumah to the floor. This unlucky lizard will be died soon once it has cross path with cat :D

that lizard's time is up dy when it is cross path with the silver hair cat

So so so how was it? am i genius?? funny?? lame?? hoho~!! since im unemployed now n gt nothing to do, so i jz kill my time with writing this kind of things.  njoy reading this post n im going to post a new 1 soon :D. Bai Bai~!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

End of SAP training n see u again, my utp friends~!!

Hola Hola Everyone~!!

Finally, i gt time to post a new post at my blog..hoho~!! rili gt a tight last few days..everyday woke up early n hv to accompany my father to go to many places. But nvm, since i slept jz nw, so i gt xtra energy to write new post for u all to read :D :D. Its all about SAP training n some of minor things i did during tat period.

SAP Training

30 Dec was last class of SAP. Time goes by very fast and if not mistaken i feel like it jz started yesterday. Finally im starting to feel sad n gonna miss my friends here.. Argh~!! y write emo2 things? I shall stop here n bk to main topic. The training was started on 6 dec till 30 dec. Supposely only for 20 days but since gt a lot of holiday in this month, tats y gt many days had been postponed.

This is summary of SAP training

softskill - 1st week (hoho, i bet my softskill very good nw)
erp basic knowledge - 2nd week
erp hands-on - 3rd week ( oh yeah~!! i like this session coz the internet speed very fast)
case study - last week of the training

Overall, the training was fun coz had chance to get know many people (surely gt chance to kenal junior) n oso gt new raja lawak which was paeng, my housemate. Enjoy some of pics that i took during d training.

some of SAP candidates...we r cool rite? :D

My group - 02

1.. 2.. 3.. cheese~!!

they wre played card silently when bored waiting for d presentation

Together wif my FYP sv n oso my FYP siblings ~

Not as a student anymore

B4 went bk, all final year final sem students need to complete the clearance form b4 leaving the UTP. I oso have done tat n d things i did not like is to return the matric card to the security department. At d moment i returned d card, tat was time my student life as undergraduate is over. :D

Went to majlis kahwin

Since invited by my frens, i n my frens went there, say hi to them, n ate a free foods there. :D

Watched a final suzuki cup

I knew some of u din blif tat i have watched d final match...but criusly i have spend my time with my frens to watch d math. But in d end..i was satisfied. Y y and y? coz d cameraman rili did a gud job when d match was held in indonesia. Hoho i love tat part when d camera was focusing at the "audiences" :D

Dota game for d last time with dotamate (abg, duke n khael) oh yeah~!!

oh yea...i managed to for d last time with them. But in d end, we played L4D, which not rili a new game but it was new for us. Then, we stuck at d cc for 2 hours coz of tat game. It was rili nice cc session n hope i have next session again with them in the next time. 

Watched movie

This is common activity. I managed to watch some of movies during that period which were tron legacy, gulliver, and the tourist. Gt 1 but not rmb d name.


Well, i did jog during tat time in order to reduce fat in the body. So so what is the result? Success or failed??
I oso duno..haha~!! but i think it was success a little bit (sedap kan ati ja) :D 

Well well, tats all about my life in utp for 1 month training after final year final sem finished. It was sad when u say c u again to ur frens but wat to do. If gt chance we will meet again next time..myb 4 years later?? hoho~!! :D.. c u again my UTP friends~!!