Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello Hello & Good Bye Good Bye~ Words that keep playing in my mind ~

Hola Hola

Hmm, I don't how many weeks I have not update my blog. Got the idea but as usual to lazy to write new post. Haihz how I wish if the doctor or specialist can cure lazyness disease inside me... :'( .

It will be going to be short post. Just want to inform anyone that love Korean song out there especially F.T Island's fan (think they are faster than me know new song released), F.T Island release their latest mini album. But I love only one song from their mini album which are "Hello Hello". Started to listen this song since last week, on monday and keep playing in my mind till now. It becames my favourite song already. If you haven't listen the song yet, then check it out at the below ~ :D

If you guys not familiar with this them, maybe you can try listen their previous songs ~ :D

After love~ my favourite song


Special short post from me in early morning ~ Try my best to update my blog after this..wish me luck oh yeah~!!

Have a nice day~ :)

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