Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Siblings~ people around me

Hola Hola~!!

Finally, lazyness inside me finally gone. Then I can write new post for my blog. I am going to write about my siblings..prepare to be critized by me muahahaha >:) . What am I doing for these few weeks? Sit at home and did some tasks leave by my dad when he is outstation. At least I have something so I would not bored at home :D . (Now May already...Everything does not going pretty smoothly this year.) Cut the crap..let me introducing my siblings :D

love to see her smile :)

Don't worry, she is not my siblings. If yes, surely I live in japan already. Oh may be I might be an artist already? Who knows~  I just purposely put her pic without no reason...muahahaha~!! Anywhere, the next one will be real one..


good in giving a sweet smile

My big sister ~ Hmm what shall I give comment to her? The most closest to me since small and always come to me whenever she got problem and tease me not at the right time. Well~ after all I am talented counselor she have found so far...cewah~! (always crap till she tired to listen then ran away from me muahaha). And also alwasy invite me to accompany her when shopping. Love to sing but too bad, her voice very very unique till all frogs are making some noises, then heavy rain come. Completed her degree and currently working~ :)


love to eat

This awesome guy is.....okie it sounds lame. Shall i desribe myself in this post? Well, talented and awesome person because succesfully in completing his study in degree (okie a bit lame my statement but who carebut this few months I love to use talented and awesome words :D ). Sit at home while waiting for hunting for job and blah blah...If I continue to write surely need 4 or 5 paragraphs hohoho~!!


think you are naruto?

The mature look in the pic is my young brother, not my big brother. Many people thought he is my big brother because his face very mature than me. And due to that, many girls love to flirt him and even girls around age 25 also try to flirt him. But still, his level not high like me. He still got 100 years to surpass me. Hoho~ He is very good in using 3D max and photoshop. Try to see his pic in FB, then you will understand (Do not bother yourself to understand, seriously I do not understand since I am not a graphic design >:) ). Interested to know more about him, go find him at FB or his blog ~ (thanks to me, I'm promoting you in the public :P ).


good in posing

Okie I know some of my friend wonder why I still got little sister even I told them that my total sibling were 3 including me. She is growing with my family when still small, and very close to my family. I feel her like my little sister already. I bet she will be proud because become my little sister~ hoho. A little bit crap performance from me. But too bad, she is not very close to me since I often tease her like pinch her cheeks and so on. Still, she will get close to me if I eat ice cream or something delicious. -_-" . Oh ya, this is the same little girl that i wished her birthday last month if you read my previous..Love to play a gadget like smart phone and my PSP...

Afternoon crapping from me :D . Love to have them around me ~

Have a nice day~

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